Benefits of Choosing Indiabulls Shubh As Your Stock Broker in India

Online Share Trading App – Indiabulls Shubh

Many investors and traders, who struggle with online share trading, look for assistance from brokerage houses. These act as agents between the exchanges and investors and could also provide investment and trading advice. Share brokers are registered members of exchanges that are regulated by SEBI. Many capital market companies provide broking services to investors. So whether it is opening a trading account or a demat account or any other trading necessity, stockbrokers can be of help. However, investors need to choose what type of stockbrokers they need. Brokers are divided into two categories: full-service brokers and discount brokers. Any investor, before choosing a broker, should understand the services, features and other intricacies offered by these brokers.

Full-Service Brokers

Full-service brokers are also known as traditional brokers. These brokers offer a wide array of services and products that include financial and retirement planning, investment advice, tax guides, portfolio updates, etc. Owing to this, their brokerage charges are on the higher side. The commission is charged in percentage terms on the total value of the shares traded. A full-service broker is the right choice for someone who does not have enough time to research the market and do the trades.

Discount Brokers

Unlike full-service brokers, discount brokers charge investors little commission and provide online share trading platforms. However, a discount broker will provide limited services as compared to a full-service broker. Discount brokers are apt for investors who want to trade on their judgements.

Indiabulls Shubh: A Discount Broking Platform Providing Zero Brokerage Subscription Plans

Indiabulls Shubh, by Indiabulls Securities, is a discount broking platform and is ideal for investors who want to make the most of share trading online. However, Indiabulls Shubh is much more than just a discount broking platform. Here is how it is different from other discount broking platforms in India.

Features Indiabulls Shubh Other Discount Brokers
Customer Service Indiabulls Shubh provides customer service for investors who need assistance or guidance in placing the trades. This involves no charges. Other discount brokers provide limited customer service when it comes to placing the trades.
Brokerage Fees Indiabulls Shubh helps you do unlimited trading with Zero brokerage charges for intraday trading in Equity, F&O & Currency derivative Segment. Other discount brokers charge a commission for the services provided.
Subscription Plans Indiabulls Shubh provides monthly trading plans for unlimited trading. They start from a minimum amount of Rs 1,000. Other discount brokers do not provide any subscription-based plans for unlimited online trading.
Interest on Margin Funding Indiabulls Shubh offers zero interest on margin funding. Other discount brokers charge interest rates on margin funding.
Market Research Indiabulls Shubh also gives you access to advanced charts and market research information to help you make informed decisions. Other discount brokers do not provide market research information.

Indiabulls Shubh is one of a kind Indian share market app. Even though it is a discount broking platform, the services offered are much more than any other discount broker in India. The subscription-based plans Indiabulls Shubh also provides its customers 4X exposure for trading markets for both intraday trading and delivery. You also get 2X exposure in F&O trading and 4X exposure in margin trading. Let us understand how you can save on your money by subscribing to Indiabulls Shubh trading plans.

If you are trading through a discount broker at Rs 20 per trade, for 22 days then the money you will spend is as follows:

Number of Trades Total Number of Days Amount
10 per day 22 4400

If you add 18% GST then the total amount goes to Rs 5912.

Now if you take a subscription plan of Rs 1,000 with a GST of Rs 180 then your total saving as compared to the above example will be Rs 4,012.

With this app, you can also use the trade on the call facility. With this feature, the customers can call the central desk to place the trades for no additional charges. You can also open your demat account with Indiabulls Shubh if you are not a KRA client. The 30-day free trial can help you get a know-how of the trading app.

With Indiabulls Shubh, you get the services of discount brokers as well as some more value-added services that you might not get from other discount brokers in India. Choose Indiabulls Shubh and start your trading journey today!

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