Advantages of Derivative Trading in India for a Trader

advantages of derivative trading

For an investor, derivative trading provides diversified channels to protect themselves from the uncertainties of the market. Derivatives are nothing but financial contracts. These financial contracts derive their value from underlying assets such as commodities, currencies, market indexes, stocks, etc. In simpler words, derivatives are a type of secondary security and their value is dependent on the primary security. Investors can earn profits in derivative trading by speculating on the price movement of the assets.

Some commonly used derivatives are futures contracts, forward contracts, options, swaps, and warrants. There are two modes for derivative trading in India. One is OTC i.e. Over the Counter and the second is ETD i.e. Exchange Traded. OTC are contracts that are traded directly between two parties. In an OTC trade no exchange or intermediaries are involved. In ETD, there are standardized contracts such as futures and options. These are then traded or transacted on the exchange. ETD requires an initial deposit or a margin, which is then settled by the clearing house. In India, futures and options trading is given much impetus under the gamut of derivative trading.

Derivative trading has its own share of advantages for investors. Here we list a few important ones.

Advantages of derivative trading

1. Hedging & Managing Risks

Investors would want to focus on capital appreciation. However, capital protection is also important. Investors can do capital protection by hedging. Hedging is where an investor can attempt to alleviate the risks of the price movements. This can be done by taking an offsetting position.

2. Low Transaction Cost

Derivatives primarily act as a risk management tool. Hence they help in reducing the transaction cost of trading in the share market. The cost of trading in the derivative market is low.

3. Determine Asset Price

Investors use derivatives to determine the price of the underlying asset. As there are multiple assets, this can help gauge their price movements. For example, spot prices in future trading can serve as an approximation to gauge the price of a commodity.

4. Access to all kinds of assets

With the use of swaps, one can obtain a favourable rate of interest as compared to direct borrowing in derivative trading.

5. Makes Markets More Efficient

Arbitrage involved in derivative trading helps bring out price corrections. These can furthermore, help in reflecting the true economic value of an asset. This in turn makes markets price efficient and achieve equilibrium in the market.

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