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The share market has been booming ever since the rise in online share market applications in India. With a wide range of Indian stock market apps available on the Play Store and App Store, choosing one can be very confusing.

Indiabulls Securities is one of the leading companies that offer online share market trading applications. This article gives a brief about five online share trading tools, and calculators provided by Indiabulls Securities.

1. Shubh Mobile App

Shubh is known to be one of the next generation trading applications in India. With this share market app offered by Indiabulls Venture, you can manage your trading and demat accounts from the comforts of your home or on the go.

This application was specially developed for investors to trade in the stock market from anywhere. Some of the prominent features of the Shubh Mobile App are –

  • It has zero%* brokerage
  • It offers margin trading facility at 12%* interest per annum
  • It has no annual maintenance fees for the first year
  • It provides quick customer services
  • It is easy to understand and use
  • It gives real-time updates on the financial markets across the globe

2. Shubh Web – Online Trading Platform

The Shubh web is an online trading website for people to experience smooth interest trading. It is an all-inclusive platform that provides live-streaming of market information and advanced charts, further allowing you to analyze the market wisely before investing.

Some of the features offered by Shubh Web are –

  • Real-time streaming of stock prices
  • Online payment gateways
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Extensive research reports
  • Live market updates

3. PIB – Power Indiabulls

Indiabulls Securities offers an advanced online trading platform – PIB (Power Indiabulls).

Some of the fantastic features of PIB include –

• Top-notch interest trading

• Seamless online trading experience

• Real-time quotes

• Live trading reports

• Charting

• News room

With its sound fundamental research and technical analysis, you can efficiently invest in equity, FnO, and Online IPOs. This internet trading application will provide you with excellent experience in Indian stock markets.

4. Cost of Carry (CoC) Calculator

The CoC Calculator is the cost that is incurred by the investors for holding particular positions in the market until the futures contract terminates. As a matter of fact, Cost of Carry is the difference between the futures and spot prices of the stock.

In theory, it is calculated as –

Future price fair value = Spot Price + Cost of Carry – Dividend Payout

However, with the Cost of Carry Calculator offered by Indiabulls Securities Limited, the complex calculations can now be performed easily.

5. Span Calculator

In terms of the share market, SPAN stands for Standardized Portfolio Analysis of Risk. Many stock exchanges use this span calculator tool for calculating the amount of money a particular investor has kept in the account to cover potential losses.

With Indiabulls Securities Span Calculator, you can now efficiently perform complex algorithms and machine learning techniques to calculate the margin based on the assessment of all international markets.

Indiabulls Securities Limited has been actively working towards making the process of online share market trading simple for investors. The tools and calculators developed will surely help you trade in the stock market efficiently.

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