Steps to Open Unlimited Trading Account with Indiabulls Shubh

List of steps to open an unlimited trading account with Indiabulls Shubh

To start trading in the share market, you have to take the services of a stock broker in India, whether it is a full-service broker or a discount broker. However, what if we tell you that you can get the best of both worlds with subscription plans? Subscription-based trading in India is still new. This type of trading has given an impetus to online share market trading in India. Indiabulls Ventures, a pioneer in online share trading in India, is now offering subscription-based unlimited trading through Indiabulls Shubh.

When it comes to share market trading online, Indiabulls Shubh app is your best friend. Indiabulls Shubh trading platform offers you a choice of different plans that suit all your broking needs. The plans start at Rs 1000 a month and provide unlimited trading in Equity, F&O, and Currency Segment. These plans are for Intraday Trading as well as for Delivery. Indiabulls Shubh also provides margin funding at zero interest charges. With the Indiabulls Shubh app, you also get access to streaming quotes, live market watch, and real-time data. There is no hidden fee structure for the subscription plans. In fact, once you are on board, you can try free unlimited trading for the first 30 days.

The Indiabulls Shubh app lets you manage all your trading activities from anywhere anytime. Here are the steps to open a Shubh trading account and subscribe to the plans.

Steps to open an Shubh Trading Account:

1. Enter Basic Details

Download the Indiabulls Shubh app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once installed, you need to enter your necessary information, such as your mobile number, Email Id, and city.

2. Enter OTP

To successfully log in, you will receive an OTP. You need to enter the OTP for the next step.

3. PAN Card Verification

Once you have successfully entered the app, you need to do your PAN Card verification for which you need to enter your PAN number and date of birth.

4. Entering Account Permission Details

Once the PAN verification is done, you need to fill the account permission details. You have to choose the Equity, F7O currency, or demat segment. Additionally, if you require margin trading, then you need to activate that as well. If you wish to have a nominee to your account, then you have the option to choose this too.

5. Choosing a Plan

Once you have completed the above steps, you can now choose a subscription plan. You can trade in F&O and choose an F&O plan. You can trade in equity and choose an Equity plan.

6. Review and Confirm Charges

Once you have chosen the plan, you can review the charges. This will include a one-time account-opening fee as well. If you are a new customer, then even after choosing a plan, you get a free 30-day trial. Hence, you only need to pay the account-opening fee.

7. Make Payment

After reviewing the charges, you can make the payment. You get the option to use your debit or credit card, internet banking, or UPI. Make sure that your Aadhar number is linked to your registered mobile number.

8. Enter Personal Information and Other Details

Next, enter your personal information such as bank details, occupation type, gross annual income, etc. There is also some additional information required, such as trading experience, tax residency, etc.

9. Upload Documents

Once you have entered all the information, you need to upload a few documents.

  • A color photo or selfie
  • Signature
  • Financial Proof such as bank account statement (first and last page)

Once you have uploaded the documents, they undergo verification.

10. e-Sign Documents

After verification, you have to e-sign the documents and give your consent for the same. You will receive a security code that you need to enter and submit. You need to click on Sign now, which will then take you to the NSDL e-sign service page. Enter your Aadhar number or virtual ID, enter your OTP, and submit. Your documents are e-signed.

This completes your process to open a trading account with Indiabulls Shubh. Once the onboarding process is done, you can enjoy zero brokerage trading. Indiabulls Shubh also assists you to open a demat account too. With this app, you can experience seamless online trading at affordable charges. Share market trading online has never been more exciting before. Try our 30-day free trial and get a first-hand experience.

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