Commodity Trading FAQs

1. Open an online trading account - To start trading Commodities, you will require to open a trading account. You can easily open your Trading account with Dhani Stocks within 15 minutes.

2. Select an Initial Investment amount: You have to make an initial investment to start trading. The initial margin varies from commodity to commodity.

3. Build on a trading strategy: You need to have a plan to start commodity trading. You can make a plan based on the understanding of the market, your trading style, risk appetite, capital availability, etc.

You can trade in Commodities classified in the following types:

1. Metals - Silver, Gold, Copper, etc

2. Energy sources - crude oil, natural gas, etc.

3. Agricultural commodities - Corn, Beans, Cotton, Rice, Wheat, etc

Investment in commodities has various benefits such as:

1. Commodities offer clear protection during inflation and times of economic uncertainty. They are a good source of investment even during tough times.

2. Diversified Investment Portfolio.

3. Commodities experience huge swings in prices thus opens up opportunities for you to make profits provided you plan your investments right.

4. Hedging.

Commodities' future is where buyers and sellers trade a commodity based on a standardized contract considering the future price. This can be done by opening a trading account with Dhani Stocks within 15 minutes.