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Dhani Stocks PIB (Power Indiabulls) Dhani Stocks PIB (Power Indiabulls)

Dhani Stocks PIB (Power Indiabulls)

Power Indiabulls (PIB) is an advanced online trading platform from Dhani Stocks Limited. PIB provides the best in the class internet trading features and delivers a seamless and rich online trading experience for its users. PIB comes with a whole host of online features for the users ranging from real-time stock prices, to live trading reports, advanced charts, News Room, etc. PIB presents an integrated online trading platform for the internet trading community to invest in equity, F&O, and base their decision on profound fundamental research and technical analysis. It also provides numerous kinds of trading reports, each developed to cater to internet trading user’s distinct needs.

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Why Choose Dhani Stocks PIB

PIB is the internet-based stock trading application, which presents you with an unparalleled edge to trade in Indian stock markets. Here are some of the compelling reasons, why you should subscribe for Power Indiabulls (PIB):

Integrated online trading terminal for Equities, F&O, Currency Derivatives, Commodities.
Get elegant user interfaces and seamless online trading experience.
View live streaming quotes of your preferred scrips, sectors, domestic & global indices through Market Watch window.
Empowers your knowledge on how major global indices like Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, FTSE, etc. are faring at the moment through World Market Summary.
Presents you valuable trading statistics like Top Gainers /Losers, Most Active, Most Volatile, Only Buyers/Sellers for the current trading day through Market Statistics section.
Keeps you updated with the latest advancements that could influence Indian stock markets through News Room section.
Connects you with the primary market and allows you to keep a trail on the On-going & Upcoming IPOs' through Online IPO feature.
Automatically looks for the new version on login and prompts you with an alert to download the latest version
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